TRION Research is ISO 9001:2008 certified

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We combine leading scientific expertise in tumor immunology with dedicated analytical know-how and long-standing experience as clinical trial partner. Our services span the full range of preclinical and clinical support from expert advice and trial design over immunomonitoring and tumor biology analysis to data management and logistics solutions.

We are particularly strong in supporting the development of innovative drugs. We work together with our partners to elucidate the modes of action of new compounds and to develop tailored approaches for safety and efficacy testing. During clinical trials, we help our partners assess how a drug candidate modulates the patient’s immune system and how these effects correlate with clinical outcome.

Preclinical services

  • Highly sensitive ELISA and FACS assays
  • Development of tailored immunological assays
  • Animal studies in collaboration with leading service providers in the field
  • In vitro pre-medication testing

Clinical services

  • Comprehensive immunomonitoring: FACS measurement, proliferation tests, cytokine multiplex assays, immune status and activity tests
  • Immunocytochemical analysis of body fluids (e.g. EpCAM expression)
  • Determination of human anti-mouse antibodies (HAMA)
  • Development of tailored immunological assays

Antibody conjugation and supply

  • Supply of purified monoclonal antibodies
  • Labeling of antibodies