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Collaborations | In a team, you do better

We have established long-term partnerships with industry as well as several collaborations with leading academics in the disciplines that are relevant to the projects we support. We draw on the joint capabilities of this network to continuously improve our services and provide optimal assistance for each individual project at any time.

Academic Collaborations

Helmholtz-Zentrum München

German research center for environmental health

  • Research Group Prevention and Immunomodulation (Prof. Dr. Reinhard Zeidler)

Charité Berlin

  • Department of Pediatrics, Division of Oncology and Hematology (PD Dr. med. Annette Künkele)

Industry Collaborations

LINDIS Biotech

  • Strategic collaboration for the development of drug candidates based on LINDIS Triomab® technology

Former Collaborations and Public Funded Projects

2012-2015:  Bavarian Research Foundation: Tumor therapy with triomab/anti-CTLA-4 combination

2014: Center of Disease Control (CDC), DTRA thrust area 3, topic F: Novel approaches for development of monoclonal antibodies against encephalitic alphaviruses with enhanced therapeutic efficacy

2014-2015: Spitzencluster m4, Project PM 38: Clinical immunomonitoring after s.c. administration of an investigative trifunctional antibody

2010-2014: Spitzencluster m4, Project PM 4: Performance of ‘Investigator-Initiated-Trials’ with Triomab® Antibodies (Removab® and Lymphomun®) as well as accompanying immunomonitoring in tumor therapy

2011-2012: EU FP7-Project: The SchistoVac (towards schistosomiasis therapy)

2008-2011: BMBF-Project Biotechnology – BioChance: Identification of novel tumor markers

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